75 Arctic & Polar-Inspired Baby Gear, Toys & More!

This may be the most comprehensive polar and arctic-inspired list of products available out there — especially in July. The summer heat in Florida has us trying to keep cool wherever possible, and what could be cooler than the Arctic? For those of you deciding on a nursery theme for baby, having a great winter in the Southern Hemisphere, or if you’re just wanting to add a little chill to your summer heat, check out these 75 inspirations for polar baby toys, feeding gear, decor, clothing, holiday ideas, and more!

Feeding Products


|1| Polar Bear Suitcase |2| My Penguin Sippy Cup |3| Polar Bear Water Bottle

|4| Polar Pals Sippy Cup |5| Polar Pals Mini Bib Set |6| Polar Pals Silverware Set

|7| Polar Pals Divided Suction Plate |8| Polar Pals Lunch Sack

|9| Teethers |10| Polar Bear Zoo Feeding Set

Bathtub Fun


|1| Walrus Hooded Towel |2| Sailing Boat Seal |3| Sailing Polar Bear

|4| Caravan Hooded Towel |5| Polar Bath Storage |6| Pirate Boat

|7| Sailing Boat Penguin |8| Polar Bears Floaty Fountain |9| Walrus Bath Storage

Blocks for Baby


|1| Arctic Expedition Adventure Set |2| Polar Bear Rattle |3| Iceberg Ring Stacker

|4| Shaker |5| Children’s Polar Bear Puzzle |6| Wooden Polar Bear Toys

|7| Super Polar Bear Doll |8| Wooden Polar Bear |9| Polar Bear Pull-Along

Baby & Toddler PJs


|1| Arctic Romper (Hat) |2| Polar Bear Sleepsuit |3| Print Fleece Footie

|4| 3-Piece Shorts PJ Set |5| Superhero 4-Piece PJ Set |6| Onesie & Bib Set

|7| Polar Bear Outfit |8| Navy Gown, Hat, & Blanket Keepsake Set

|9| Baby Swaddle Blanket |10| Plum Gown, Hat, & Blanket Keepsake Set

|11| 2-Piece PJ Set |12| Newborn Polar Bear Kangaroo Romper

Storage & Gear


|1| Polar Pals Kiddie Playpack |2| Winter Zoo Backpack & Plush Set

|3| Polar Bear Backpack |4| One-Size Cloth Diaper |5| Polar Bear Diapers

|6| Polar Bear Racksack |7| Polar Hamper

|8| Foldable Laundry Hamper |9| Walrus Caddy

Bedroom Gear


|1| Just Chillin’ Growth Chart |2| Arctic Food Chain Nesting Dolls

|3| Caravan Blanket (top) Arctic Blanket (bottom) |4| Arctic Friends Stuffed Animals

|5| Polar Arctic Animals Felt Puppets |6| Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

|7| Polar Bear Printed Wall Art |8| Canvas Wall Art

Books & Quiet Time


|1| Polar Animals Origami |2| My Pet Polar Bear |3| Polar Bear’s Underwear

|4| Polar Bear Night |5| Penguin’s Big Adventure (Pre-Order Discount)

|6| On the Night You Were Born |7| Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

|8| Polar Bears Past Bedtime |9| Flora and the Penguin

Toys for Toddlers & Big Kids


|1| Arctic LEGO Tent Set |2| Wooden 3-Layer Igloo Puzzle |3| Iceberg Hustle

|4| GUP-S Polar Exploration Vehicle |5| Arctic Nature Scenery Pack

|6| Electric Penguin & Solar Igloo Charger |7| LEGO Icebreaker Ship

|8| Collector’s Edition Arctic Barbie |9| Little Cooperation Polar Game

I feel cooler and refreshed already. Several of these items are going on my list for my son and his new little brother this holiday season. Hope you’re all finding ways to stay cool in the heat this summer!

For more Arctic & Polar Inspiration, check out my Etsy & Pinterest lists below.






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