#BrimBooks: Mouk

Our son was five weeks old when I started reading to him daily, both due to my love of reading, and also in a desperate attempt to create bedtime routine for us before my maternity leave was over. I would hold his newborn body in my arms, often nursing him at the same time, and read my absolute favorite bedtime story to him, I’ll See You in the Morning, by Mike Jolley and Mique Moriuchi. I will never forget those first weeks of reading to him, and, since he is now an avid bookworm, we hope it was that daily routine that started his love of books early.

A while back, I started a hashtag for myself on Instagram on the pictures of books we were enjoying or that I wanted to purchase, #BrimBooks.One of our son’s favorite books is Mouk by Marc Boutavant.


Mouk is a story about a bear who travels around the world. Each page layout features a different country in great detail, with local words and phrases, unique facts, and entertaining dialogue between the tiny animals. The details are fantastic, and, just like Richard Scarry books, my son can stare at the pages for a long time. A page of stickers are included, which I removed until he’s a bit older and can knowingly place them where he would like (so it’s a book that can grow with him!), and they’re gorgeous.

Mouk’s first stop is Finland.


Madagascar is featured, along with the famous ring-tailed lemurs.


Japan’s cherry blossoms are shown off, along with other Japanese cultural traits.


Mouk’s trip begins in France and takes him to Finland, Greece, Libya, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, India, China, Australia, Japan, Peru, and the US. Read along!


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