10 LOVE-ly Valentine’s Day Gifts (for kids!) under $10!

Does your family celebrate Valentine’s Day for children or for significant others? Or both? When I was growing up, my sister and I would wake up on Valentine’s Day morning, open our bedroom doors, and find a little stuffed animal, tiny candy box, and card from our dad. It was so sweet, and it is a tradition that I want to carry on with my son.

If you’re celebrating with your children this year, than here are a few small gifts that would be fun for your little Valentine.


|1| Heart Cube Puzzle $6   |2| Luckies of London Wooden Heart Puzzle $8

|3| Yusuke Yonezu We Love Each Other $8   |4| Adam Rubin Dragons Love Tacos $9

|5| Baby Lit Romeo & Juliet $9   |6| Hape Bamboo Mini Mighty Racer Car $6

|7| Herbie the Love Bug $3   |8| Hero Arts Woodblock Stamps $10

|9| Hape Qube Lacing Vehicles $7   |10| Wiggly Ladybugs (set of 12, perfect for sharing!)


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One thought on “10 LOVE-ly Valentine’s Day Gifts (for kids!) under $10!

  1. I love your family valentines tradition!! We will for sure add you idea to our tradition as well!!
    We always had heart shaped food, cut strawberries in heart shape by cutting out a V when taking off stem. also heart shaped pancakes and sanwhiches for breakfast and lunch.

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