3 Fun Geography Quizzes

Clearly this week has established that I am a total geo-geek. Along with baby gear, diaper bags, parenting, bourbon, beaches, and bonfires, I love maps. Today I wanted to share a few fun geography quizzes. Enjoy!

I was born and raised in Illinois and Iowa, and have had a midwestern/Great Lakes accent that has been slowly neutralizing over the past 10 years of living along the east coast. Certain words though, like kitty-corner and gym shoes, have yet to disappear from my vocabulary to be replace with local equivalents. Dialects within the United States has always fascinated me, so I thought it would be fun to share one quiz to see how your results match up against your current place of residence versus your hometown.

11-21-2014 1-36-56 PM

From the New York Times: How Y’all, Youse, and You Guys Talk

11-21-2014 1-58-44 PM

From National Geographic: Today’s GeoBee Quiz

11-21-2014 2-02-56 PM

And, since I said “3 Quizzes,” here’s a list of a lot more listed as one fun link.

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