5 Basic Pampering Products for Moms (and 2 for toddlers!)

One thing (among many) that I have realized since my pregnancy loss is that I was not taking care of myself as much as I should have been, both physically and emotionally. I had a rough, draining first two years dealing with our life in the DC suburbs and then moving to Florida while still recovering from postpartum depression, and I am determined not to go down that dark path again. Taking an hour for myself daily isn’t always feasible, but now I make at least 20 minutes a priority now, even if it’s just a longer shower with relaxing-scented soap. These are a few of the ways in which I’m helping to slowly pamper myself, and teach my son the joys of little luxuries as well.


California Baby Bubble Bath. We rotate the fragrances between Party, Light & Happy, Overtired & Cranky, and I Love You, but I find myself purchasing the Calming most frequently. My toddler loves the included bubble wand to add fun to his bubble-rich baths, and I love the smell so much that I use it after soap for those quick showers after a tough day before I climb into bed.


Diptyque Candles. Otherwise known as “Dammit, Diptyque — why are you so amazing but expensive?!” I first found out about this brand while browsing online for a Tuberose candle to replace a different brand that I held on to from years ago because the wax scraps smelled so calming. Amazon kept returning Diptyque Tuberose results, and while walking through the new Nordstrom in Jacksonville the other week I saw their display and took it as a sign that this was what I needed in my life. A $60 candle, yes. And, to be honest, it has been worth every penny to me. The fragrance is strong but subtle, and I move it next to my bed at night so that even while unlit I can catch a slight hint of it’s soothing scent in the air. Three months ago I would have thought that it was ridiculous, but I am now a firm believe in the power of scents to help relax your mood and your mind. Even the names are romantic and serene:  Baies, Feu de Bois (smells like campfire), Figuier, Mimosa, Noisetier (my recent favorite purchase), Pine Bark, Orange Chai, and Indian Incense. Doesn’t that all just sound lovely? So — there’s also your justification for buying a $60 candle. I know, I know, you don’t need a $60 candle. Any fragrance you connect to would be just as good. I have heard good things about essential oils and home oil fragrances — perhaps I should check those out as well. Just find whatever works for you!


Teas. Drink it all in. Some of my past and present favorites include Christmas Morning, The Tao of Tea’s Rose Hips and Jade Matcha, Zhena’s Gypsy Fireside Chai and Sense of Peace, and Numi’s Rooibos.


Movement. After a few weeks of bedrest and a couple of months of not being able to do much more than that beforehand, it feels GOOD to start moving my body again. Walking and yoga have been excellent for my mind and body. Also, this Gaiam Restore Stick is pretty much amazing. It’s not relaxing at all, because you have to work hard to massage your muscles deeply, but it’s worth it for feeling relaxed afterward. Here’s another tip for toddler “pampering” — have them watch Cosmic Kids Yoga. My son loves the Turtle Adventure where he can pretend to swim, find turtles, and other adventures while striking yoga poses. This would be a fun yoga mat for kids. It’s a win/win; he thinks he’s just watching tv, but we’re really putting our muscles to work. The woman in this series goes a little fast for toddlers, but it’s still worth checking out. Also, it’s adorable to watch your little one find their inner peace.

Lastly, Books. All. The. Books. And magazines. I love the smell of new books, the feeling of the pages on a new magazine, and holding on to them for as long as possible. My son is an avid reader (picture-looker-atter) and it’s always exciting to take him to the bookstore or library to find new material that interests us. Just sitting down for 20 minutes with the new Vanity Fair can make the day seem better. Combine that with a cup of tea and I would dare to call that some luxurious pampering right there.



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