10 Diaper Bags for Two Kids

I am excited to announce that my husband and I are expecting our second child in early January (hence my long absence from the blog due to first trimester fatigue and some prenatal depression), and what else would be on my mind besides the exciting purchase of a diaper bag big enough for two children! Vote for your favorite at the bottom.


I wanted to list of few of my favorites (splurges included) that are big enough for both infant and toddler gear.


First up, the Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag ($200) in the newly announced Queen of the Nile print. This print comes out later this fall, but I am excited that there is FINALLY a stylish, modern, non-childish print available for this collection. Ju-Ju-Be creates practical bags and this one is a workhorse. It is huge inside and looks perfect for storing enough baby items for two children. This is at the top of my list.


The 7 A.M. ENFANT Voyage Diaper Bag ($98) is super lightweight, sporty, and vibrant (if you choose one of their neon colors). When not being used as a diaper bag, this bag can easily be pulled off as a gym, travel, or weekend bag.


The FEED Diaper Bag ($150) is a newly launched addition to the philanthropic line of bags in their collection. For each bag purchased, FEED provides one mother and one child with enough micronutrients for one year. I wrote all about this bag and their limited edition diaper bag (back in stock for a short time) at Child Mode.


This is one purchase that I majorly regret returning! The Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-a-baby Diaper Bag ($298) was a total splurge that I had saved up for, but after a day or two of use, I found it to be too unstructured and too large. However, I completely have regretted that decision as unstructured is great for stuffing under a stroller, in the car, in an airplane, or anywhere. I loved the style, the feel of the fabric, and the pockets inside. This is at the top of my list for our second child if I can find a good deal somewhere online!


Kate Spade’s Stevie Baby Bag ($398, but you can find much better deals and patterns at their outlets) is a great size and style for traveling. If it had a shoulder strap, it would be a perfect bag. The outside pockets are huge and the inside pockets are roomy and can fit many different things. The fabric is wipeable and is a great nylon material and the bottom is flat with a laminated surface to provide structure and support.


You can’t have a list of top diaper bags in pretty much any category without Skip Hop claiming one of those spots. The Skip Hop Grand Central ($90) is a total “Mary Poppins” bag. There are so many pockets and storage spaces that this bag trumps all others in terms of functionality and price. Shoulder strap, bottle pockets, interior pockets, outsize zip spaces, and it is easy on the eyes styled as a modern tote. You definitely get the most bang for the buck with this bag. I have been having a hard time myself not purchasing one now, but I’m trying to wait for our second child. This is a perfect bag for both new and experienced moms with any number of children.


Along with Skip Hop, Petunia Pickle Bottom also consistently claims a top 10 space on most lists. The Abundance Boxy Backpack ($210) is large and in charge. With modern, trendy prints that are updated seasonally, you’re sure to find a Boxy Backpack or this Abundance that fits your style. I am a big fan of Petunia bags, and this bag is no exception. The only potential downside to this bag is that it may actually be too large. Since it is so structured (can be a great thing!) it is heavier than most bags due to its signature glazed fabric, and when full of baby gear, it will weigh even more. The size may be too large to hang off of a double stroller, but it is a perfect bag for twins and multiple children, can be easily worn as a backpack so you’re hands-free, and would be worth toting around daily, in my opinion. There’s a reason Petunia is so popular, so research this one for your list!


The Storksak Sofia Bag in Taupe ($425) is the diaper bag that I will always covet and never own. The price point is too high for me to justify without a current income, but it would be worth it as this is a completely timeless bag that would last years past the diapering age. It would be a great travel bag for career women, families, a stylish weekender for trips, and is classy beyond its intentions. I love it. If you were going to have one bag for many uses in life, this would be it.


For the parents who prefer hands-free travel and outings, a rugged backpack fits the bill perfectly for use as a diaper bag. Any great travel pack from REI could easily double for children’s gear with its bottle pockets, zippered compartments, and washable materials. I have a Marmot bag that I use while traveling and love it’s roomy interior. For daily use, I prefer a messanger/should strap style, but for travel and non-stroller outings, I see many more practical uses for a great backpack in my future. This is the North Face Women’s Recon Daypack ($99).


We round off this list with another great selection from Skip Hop. The Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe ($79) is a lightweight, huge, no-frills, practical diaper bag with no less than 15 pockets. Impressive! This bag easily goes from stroller to shoulder without being too large or cumbersome.


Now…what do you think? Any favorites? Others that I didn’t mention?

Coming soon…Top Diaper Bags Under $100.

8 thoughts on “10 Diaper Bags for Two Kids

  1. I have the PPB boxy backpack and don’t love it. I got it when Rory was a baby and really wanted to love it but I find too many flaws in it. I love a big bag but this one is too heavy and bulky. It is also very deep but doesn’t open much at the top so I’m constantly losing things in the bottom. And though the outer fabric is wipeable and cleans well, the interior does not. I still carry it but I find myself coveting other bags all the time (like that Marc Jacobs bag… LOVE).

    1. Ashley, I totally understand that. I wish there was an outside pocket. I loved it for a newborn with the changing pad attached and liked its structure. Mine was a gift and it’s an older one with Velcro, so it’s often super loud when it was closed. Sounds like we both need to save up for the MJ bag! πŸ™‚

  2. Anything by Nest diaper bags! I have one I purchased two years ago. It doesn’t look like a diaper bag on the outside but huge on the inside . The lining is waterproof so that spills will not wreck the leather, and all of the hardware on the bag still looks great. Highly recommend!

    1. Elizabeth – I sold my Nest Collins bag (in beautiful blue) and totally agree with you about their quality. The inside was massive and I definitely miss that bag. What was I thinking?! πŸ™‚

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