Behind Moomin: An Article on Tove Jansson from BBC News

Good morning, Happy Thursday!

You know our love for all things Moomin (recommended here and here), so I just wanted to pass along this article from BBC News regarding the author, Tove Jansson, and details about her life. I always find it fascinating to read how books or TV shows intertwine the characters’ lives with the authors’. This was a good read.

3-13-2014 7-46-28 AM


2 thoughts on “Behind Moomin: An Article on Tove Jansson from BBC News

  1. Ok so between the 7am bag and the Skip Hop Grand Central, which would you choose? I still have the Boxy backpack I got from you 🙂 but it’s way too small for all the junk I like to haul around. I like the neon of the 7am bag, surprisingly. But I would love to hear which you would choose!

    1. Hard to choose between those two because I haven’t seen the Voyage bag in person recently. I remember loving it at the Expo 2 years ago. The Grand Central is huge. You can check that out at BuyBuyBaby or BRU for sure & maybe order the 7AM and see how it compares? Then return one? Sorry I can’t help there. I love 7AM products and their fabric feels great, but you can’t beat the pockets & organization of the Skip Hop bags….

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