Review & Giveaway! So Awesome Children’s Wallet & Wallet Cards

Happy Monday! And an awesome Monday it will be.

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We have had this Review & Giveaway in the works for you for a few weeks now, and I am excited to have it online today because I know your children (and you!) will all love it. A friend of mine recently purchased the My Wallet Card Set by So Awesome for her toddler son and raved all about it to me and suggested that it would make a great review for Little Brim Baby. I am so thankful she did, as these products combine education, fun, interaction, and great design — all made in the USA by a Michigan mom of twin boys.


Marie-Claire Camp is the mom behind the brand, with her twin sons Silas and Owen featured proudly on her cleverly-designed business card (above right). When I received a package in the mail I had to immediately smile at how much fun her sons look to be having and rave how creative it was to feature a business card that integrates in to the Wallet Cards product ring. Too cool.


My son grabbed the Alphabet Cards away from me so fast and started browsing through them and filling his wallet with his play receipts (dinners out, concert tickets, photographs, shopping list, and more).


My husband and I have had a fun time asking him about his dinners out, the names of his friends, and interacting with him with each item.


The My Wallet Card Set is designed to mimic the tempting wallet of adults, with an easy Velcro closure. The sturdy wallet is available in a cool shade of green, and is handmade from the iconic Ohio bag company, Drifter.


Included with the Wallet are four cards (drivers license, bank card, library card, and children’s museum card), and four play money bills printed on durable Tyvek material. My two-year-old son can’t even ruin these! Bills are in denominations of $1, $5, $10, and $20. Each slot can be easily accessed by little fingers, and everything stays in place when swung around (sad that that becomes a priority in toys, haha). I love it!


A closer look…


The Children’s Alphabet Wallet Cards are printed on nontoxic cards and are completely sturdy in the hands of my son. He LOVES looking at these, flipping through them while in his car seat or at a restaurant, and while it is a little confusing for him now since the lowercase letters are the largest, it has been definitely educational in pairing with the uppercase letters that he already knows in the top left corner of each card. He also really enjoys the drawings around each letter. The illustrations are gorgeous, whimsical, and fun to view, drawn by Australian illustrator Marc Martin.


Both the cards and the wallet have been a big role in our dining out lately. Our son has taken to eating his weight in queso and guacamole, so we are teaching him how to pay his bill after each meal. It’s never too early to start learning about money! He enjoys reaching for his wallet in my bag while we are grocery shopping and he always receives the best reaction from people asking “where did you find such a cute wallet?”


As if the Wallet Cards and Wallet are not great enough, So Awesome has released an app on the iTunes App Store called “My Wallet by So Awesome.” This app is terribly addictive, even for me! My son can’t get enough of the popping bubbles, and I must admit that I am just as hooked. Playing music and puppets is fun (and not at all hard on the ears like some other toddler apps), and browsing through the number and color cards offer the perfect educational opportunity instead of watching videos. Older toddlers will love the ATM/Bank Savings Machine, which adds up bills as you drag them to deposit. You all must download this app today, you’ll love it!

Make sure to enter our giveaway below and to browse the So Awesome online shop for more products that you and your children will enjoy.


Bonus! Now through a week after the giveaway is over, you can save 35% off of the My Wallet Set! Just use the code LITTLEBRIM35 at checkout!



So Awesome is generously giving away one Super Bundle Set to a Little Brim Baby reader! That is four wallet card sets! Awesome, indeed. Enter at the Rafflecopter Link below; there is one mandatory entry and five bonus entries. This giveaway is open March 10-16, so make sure to enter to win your little one this fantastic product that will be sure to entertain.

ENTER HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! The winner will be announced next Monday, March 17. UPDATE: The winner has been chosen and contacted. Thank you all for entering!



*** The So Awesome Wallet and Wallet Cards were generously provided to us for review. We were not monetarily compensated and all opinions are our own. ***


12 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway! So Awesome Children’s Wallet & Wallet Cards

  1. I love this idea and I am all about having something with me to educate the little ones while waiting. I think the Alphabet set is beautiful, but since my guy is still little, I would love the Colors/Shapes set! Thanks for showcasing an awesome and well-crafted idea!

  2. awesome idea i love that they are kid tough. i know my boys will love the debit card. lol i can already hear them selling their toys to each other.

  3. My daughter & son would love the number card set. They are into playing store, counting everything in sight, and talking about numbers!

  4. wow very cool my son would love the wallet to call his very own he is always in his daddys wallet. What a great idea 🙂

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