Top 5 Board Books for Infants

These are my picks for the Top 5 Board Books that our son loved. Any of them would be perfect for gift giving this holiday season, to boys or girls. Enjoy!

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I’ll See You in the Morning, by Mike Jolley.This is my all-time favorite book for children (and adults). It is a peaceful, loving, reassuring bedtime story filled with whimsical drawings, beautiful verse, and calming rhyme. An excerpt: “Don’t be afraid of darkness, don’t be afraid my sweet. The night is just a blanket, that helps the Earth to sleep.” This was one of the first books that I purchased when pregnant, and I started reading this to our son every night when he was five weeks old. I love it.

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Romeo & Juliet, by Jennifer Adams. A BabyLit book. Our son has loved this book since we first started reading it. It is a counting primer, 1-10, with each page telling a different part of the classic love story. The last page is “10 Kisses” and I have always made a big deal about chasing him around to give him the 10 Kisses, so he loves to open the book to that page over and over again. All BabyLit books are popular in our house, but this one is our son’s favorite.

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I Love You More, by Laura Duketa. Our son loves this book because it is split in the middle into two stories. The front view is why the mom loves the son more, and if you flip the book over, the same story can be started from the back cover, but with the son explaining why he loves the mom more. The middle drawing finishes with both mom and son loving each other more than the whole world. He loves the animals and objects mentioned, and loves to flip the book over and read it again and again and again.

10-29-2013 7-41-29 AM

Moomin’s Little Book of Numbers, by Tove Jansson. My sister gifted our son this book since she had noticed it while traveling in Finland. Moomin is a popular Finnish children’s fairy-tale-ish character, going on adventures with his family and friends in the forest and beach. There is a ton of merchandise accompanying the stories and even a theme park built celebrating this beloved character. This book is a counting book with simple drawings, but enough to point and discuss with your infant.

10-29-2013 7-51-33 AM

Baby Einstein First Words. This book can keep our son entertained forever. There are so many pages and pictures to view, great for reading together or exploring solo. We started going through this book daily when he was young, limiting the pages to relevant developmental milestones (food when he started eating, home when he started exploring) just to keep it a bit less overwhelming. As he has grown to almost two, he still has a few that he doesn’t know yet, but he still loves reading and exploring the pages.

What are your family’s favorite board books?

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Board Books for Infants

  1. Thank you! I am always looking for new books for L. His current favorites include “I Like Bugs” by Lorena Siminovich and “Bear Takes a Trip” by Sheila Blackstone & Debbie Harter.

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