Lansinoh mOmma Spill-Proof Cup and Straw Cup Review

The Lansinoh mOmma Spill-Proof Cup has easily earned itself a spot in our top two favorite toddler cups. I would like to take the credit for having this cup make the cup, but clearly my son has been the one to make that grand decision. We have tried over 10 different types of cups for our toddler, ranging in spout-types, bottle styles, and straw sizes, and this cup easily earns a top position! Read on for our review.

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We recently had to chance to try out the mOmma Spill-Proof Cup and Straw Cup courtesy of Lansinoh. The Spill-Proof cup has become one of my toddler’s favorite cups because of its ease of use. The drinking spout is soft, which is a big thing in toddler cups. Many sippy cup spouts are made of hard plastic and they are more difficult for young mouths to use, but the mOmma spout is made of a pliable material that only opens when it is in use. The cross-cut opening allows the spout to be used from any position. The round, ergonomic cup shape is loved by my son because it’s easy to hold by either the base or the handles. The rocking motion entertains him and, although it is not a Weeble and “won’t fall down,” the wobbly movement is fun and keeps the spout from hitting the ground the majority of the time when it hits the ground.


We have been using the mOmma straw cup since we received one in our bluum box in February, so we have given this one a long review. Initially, we loved it, and thought our son did too, since he was constantly drinking from it, but we found a difficulty of use for him.


The design of the straw is that it is fixed in the bottom, so when the drink level is low, and my son tips the cup in the direction opposite from the straw base, nothing is able to be pulled up. While on a walk with the stroller one afternoon, I realized that I left my own water bottle at home and drank from this cup. The straw is very narrow, and therefore a little difficult to drink from and requires a lot of suction. Both  my husband and I found this to be harder than a few other straw cups we have tried. My son can use it, but it does take him longer to finish. The same issue didn’t apply at all to the Spill-Proof Cup above because of the wider spout opening when used.


In Review

PROS: The Spill-Proof Cup has been spill-proof for us. Easy-grip handles. Easy use of drinking. Both bottles have a wide base, entertaining motion, and are easily held even when slippery from mealtime messes.

CONS: The Straw Cup straw was too narrow and required more work for our son to easily drink from.

BOTTOM LINE: I highly recommend trying out the Spill-Proof Cup, I think you’ll love it as much as we do. You can find them at a Target near you. Check for coupons and deals online updated monthly at Lansinoh Deals.


*** Lansinoh generously provided Little Brim Baby both a Spill-Proof Cup and Straw Cup for review. We were not monetarily compensated and all opinions are our own. ***

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