Lansinoh Affinity Pro Double Electric Breast Pump Review

A comfortable breast pump? Yes. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the words “breast pump?” Awkward? Uncomfortable? Noisy? Cumbersome? Well, believe it or not, none of these words apply when it comes to the Lansinoh Affinity Pro Double Electric Breast Pump.


My son is still breastfeeding at 15 months, but I weaned myself off of the pump around 12 months, as far as every day use is concerned. I had been pumping five times a day in order to keep my supply up and provide enough milk for his bottles at daycare.


The Affinity Pro pump base unit includes the above soft, foldable carry tote. This tote is nice because it is unstructured and hangs easily from a doorknob, storage hook, over a chair, or elsewhere compared to other, more rigid tote bags.


The pump also is packaged with two bottles, two container rings, two ComfortFit flanges, two bottle stands, two diaphragms, two sealing discs, two valves (and two extra), connection tubes with connecting pieces, an AC adaptor, two milk storage pags, two nursing pads, an HPA Lanolin sample, and the instruction booklet.

3-17-2013 2-04-02 PM

Can we talk about these flanges? These were great! (File that under ‘Things I Never Would Have Said Before Pregnancy.’) The ComfortFit flanges seem more contoured than other flanges that I have seen on the market.

3-17-2013 2-04-21 PM

The soft edging did not dig in to my skin and indent my chest or cause any discomfort while pumping.

3-17-2013 2-03-41 PM

The narrow bottle size is nice and would make for better fitting in a cooler bag when taking to and from the office.


I found the valves and connecting diaphragm pieces easy to connect, access, and clean.


Right off the bat, I loved the back-lit LCD screen and timer. I originally thought that a timer on a breast pump was not a necessity, but it would have been a little easier to use daily at work than checking my watch or iPhone to remember when I began pumping to make sure I hit that important (for me, supply-wise) 20 minute mark. For some reason, this display seemed a little more stress-free than having to worry about checking the time frequently because I would get lost reading some website on my phone, making up Rap Lyrics for Pumping, or pinning meal ideas on Pinterest. (Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I was not able to pump at my desk or take my work with me during these pump breaks in the office.) I had self-imposed guilt and pressure to pump for a “quick” 20 minutes and then get back to work.

To begin, Lansinoh has three customizable pumping styles to maximize your milk production. This includes a stimulation phase setting that runs for two minutes to trigger milk let-down. You can bypass this setting if needed, and you can adjust expression levels as well for varying suction. I will note that the Affinity Pro suction does not feel as strong as the pump suction that I have had with another pump, the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Tote. I am not sure if there is a “suction rating scale” among breast pumps, and I am also not sure of or convinced that hard suction generally equals more milk production. Especially since when your body is relaxed it can respond better to the pump itself. It is just something worth noting.


Twenty-four minutes later, full speed ahead.

Here is a quick video that I originally posted on the Vine app. Since volume and pump sound can be an embarrassment in the office, or even home, for some, here is an example of the full expression phase sound. It is somewhat whispery and discreet.


In Review

PROS: The Laninsoh Affinity Pro pump hits the mark spot-on for comfortableness, easy expression, and back-lit viewing. The enclosed black tote back is convenient and lightweight. This pump would be a great option for a stay at home mom or a working mom.

CONS: The suction was not as strong as my previous pump, but again, that may not equal milk production. It is simply worth noting as I do know that some fellow moms have expressed interest in those stronger pumps due to a (perhaps psychological) belief that strong suction equals more milk.


You can find Lansinoh at their website, Facebook, and Twitter. You can purchase the Affinity Pro Pump from many major retailers on the Where to Buy tab. Find the closest one near you.


*** DISCLAIMER: Lansinoh generously provided Little Brim Baby the Affinity Pro Double Electric Breast Pump review. We were not monetarily compensated and all opinions are our own. ***

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