Review & Giveaway! Modern Diaper & Wipes Cabinet: Windel

A picture frame that doubles as a diaper and wipes cabinet?


Windel (German for ‘diaper’), is just that – a storage unit for organizing baby essentials and for quick access from your main living space. The creator of Upscale Mom came up with the design for Windel because she found herself stashing diapers and wipes all over her home. With the Windel, you can discreetly store your wipes and diapers anywhere because it blends in with your room decor. It also transforms to a regular cabinet as your baby grows.


The angled side divider is designed for disposable diapers (cloth can fit in stacked in the cabinet, but not pulled through the side opening), and it can be removed when your child is out of diapers for use as a vertical compartment. The wipes area is designed to hold a travel pack, and they easily fit secured in the elastic band.


The Windel would be the perfect addition to your main floor (especially if you’re in a townhome–trust me, running up and down the stairs for a diaper change can get tiring), family room, bathroom, or above a cute console table. We have a lack of storage space in our son’s room, so we chose to place our Windel over the dresser that we use as a changing table. We change our son on the right side of the table, so we hung the Windel over the left side. It would NOT be wise to hang this directly over your child as it was designed for non-nursery/changing table use.


Our previous wipes, diapering accessories, and medical items storage solution was the JJ Cole Diaper Caddy we had purchased from giggle. This worked out well, and we love this organizer, but it took up space on our small dresser, and our son was beginning to try and fling objects out of it during diaper changes. With the Windel, now everything is up off of the table and out of his reach.


Our son’s room does not receive direct sunlight, so it becomes very shadowy. Great for napping, not great for photography. We have started using cloth wipes in the past few weeks and now have the wipes solution container top again, but everything else is kept in the Windel.


On the bottom shelf, we now keep our folded extra cloth wipes and various toys for distraction during diaper changes.


There is now even room on the dresser for our favorite humidifier (Walgreens! We have tried them all, I love the look of our teardrop Crane, but this one takes the cake for effectiveness.) without having it perched precariously near the edge where it used to be located when everything else was stored on top.


We love that Upscale-Mom includes a paper blueprint of the outline which you can use for guiding your hanging placement. My husband used the markings for drilling the screws in just a small amount for easier location when installing. He also remarked several times how impressed he is with the quality of construction and function. He is not easily impressed when it comes to baby gear products as his opinion is always less is more, and when in doubt, you don’t need it, so it is always exciting to come across a product that he also endorses. Here is a quick guide for installation.


I really like this product and think it is a fantastic solution to having your diapering essentials stored all over your home. My only note, however, is to use caution when removing the photo insert frame. The glass is not caulked or affixed to the wooden frame interior. We did not remove this panel to add our photo until after the cabinet was installed on the wall, and the glass is easily able to fall out if the screws are loosened enough. They have plans in the future to try and have the glass more secure, but until then, just use caution. We needed a screwdriver to loosen the panel, so it does make us feel secure that the glass will not be able to come out while tightened. The Windel is intended for installation on a wall over your baby’s changing table, but instead for an additional room in the house. Since our son is a toddler now, he is easily able to lunge for the cabinet when it is open while we are holding him in our arms. The Windel is designed for use in a non-changing table area for convenience access when in your main living and family space.

Bottom line.

It’s brilliant. You will find it brilliant, too.


Want more? Check out the cute prints that Sluiter Nation added to their Windel in her child’s bathroom. Wash, Hang, Brush, and Flush. Very Clever.



Windel retails for $159.99 and you can purchase your own here on their website. They will also soon be available through Upscale Mom is offering Little Brim Baby readers $15 off on their purchase of the Windel using promo code “THANKS” at checkout. This code expires on February 28, 2013.


You could win a Windel diaper cabinet of your very own by entering our giveaway!

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Thank you, and Good Luck!

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You can find Upscale-Mom on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.



*** While Upscale-Mom generously provided Little Brim Baby the Windel product for review, we were not monetarily compensated and all opinions are our own. ***


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  1. Brandi, Thanks for the reveiw, we sincerely appreciate. We are so glad you like the product 🙂 We took your advice and have replaced the glass with another material that is light and not breakable to keep it safe for our precious young ones. Thanks again 🙂

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