Updated: The New bluum Toddler Box Review


Updated as of March 5, 2013: This is our third month as a bluum subscriber and it is also the second month of a delayed shipment, and billing in advance before the previous box had arrived. We missed out on a month as well because they somehow dropped my information as a subscriber and I had to log back in to add it. After reviewing all of the feedback online and on bluum’s Facebook page, I am hesitant to recommend this service to our readers at this time… Our original review is below.


Before Little Brim turned a year old last fall, I had connected with several moms on Instagram, one of them being Nicole, the founder of bluum box. I immediately requested an invite, signed up because the price was doable for me at the time (subscriptions start as low as $11), and started waiting for their new Toddler Box to arrive.


Today was our lucky day.


I love their logo and package design.


Share your baby’s milestones with #mybabybluums online. This month our Toddler Box was themed ‘Strong Hands’ (14 moths old) and it included:

Melissa & Doug Friendly Fish Grasping Toy $8, mOmma straw cup $10, Ella’s Kitchen nibbly fingers $4, Luna bar, and an edushape ball. Also included was a month-specific card with a developmental milestone for my child.


The mOmma cup closed and open. I blogged about these cups at Buy Modern Baby last year! Fun to try them out in person. It rocks side to side, but can “lay down.” It’s not a Weeble. (And yes, that’s a cloud chart by the window. I’m a total geography and weather nerd.)


The big word around the house the past few months has been “fish,” because my son loves to make the sign language sign for fish (smacking lips). He immediately started smacking his lips and pointing to it. We love wooden toys, so this is a perfect addition!

So, there you go, the new toddler box from bluum. What do you think?

If you’re interested in signing up, here is my link to an invitation for you to check it out!

***some affiliate links included.

5 thoughts on “Updated: The New bluum Toddler Box Review

  1. Which theme box was this? Mine is listed as Time to Potty so I’m assuming it will be different. Still waiting for it to arrive though.

  2. I would be warned about this company. I have been a member for the last Seven months and they have “reorganized” twice. This month the box for my 11th month old was super late and when it arrived it was dirty and filled with products not appropriate for her ( soynuts, a dirty/used book, toy wipes, and a pouch of pureed baby food.) I am still trying to work with their customer service to remove my credit card information from their website. Out of Seven months only one month arrive on time and with things that were appropriate for my daughter. Of course this is just my opinion but I thought I would share my experience.

    1. Hi, I’m so sorry to hear of your experience with bluum. That doesn’t sound great at all, thank you for sharing. I know there can be growing pains with any new company, but that doesn’t excuse cleanliness and safety. If you are still interested in the monthly subscription boxes, there are others you may want to try out, such as Little Pnuts or Citrus Lane (review below). Good luck!

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