SIGG Active Top Bottle Review

The SIGG booth caught my eye at the ABC Kids Expo last October with their display of the new Active Top bottle.


What is the new Active Top bottle? It is an innovative pressure relief valve with straw, ensuring proper ventilation for any beverage type, including carbonated drinks such as sparkling water (one of my favorites). Below is a handy diagram screenshot from their very fun, animated video. Click here to watch the Siggi explain the new design. There are four settings: Close, Air (to release air from carbonated beverages), Open (for drinking), and Clean (allows for removal of parts). I would have loved the Air function on a different bottle of mine last month when I poured a soda in a straw bottle quickly to drink on my drive to work (desperate caffeine-fix needed, don’t judge!) and when I opened the flip top, it promptly exploded all over my car. I just wanted caffeine to wake me up, but instead, cleaning the entire dashboard did that for me instead. With the SIGG Active Top, this would not have happened because I could have released that pressure before drinking. I will be purchasing one of the adult sized bottles soon.


My husband and I are both huge SIGG bottle fans. We own many between us and love them because they are durable, easily cleaned, they do not hold odors like other bottles have, they have a sleek design, and, last but not least, they are Swiss. (My husband’s family is from Switzerland, so Swiss products seem to frequent our home.) Our SIGG bottles accompany us on all outdoor trips hiking or paddling down rivers, they are used as our daily drinking bottles at home, and I use one at my desk in the office. The bottles are made of aluminum with a highly resistant BPA and phthalate-free lining, making these bottles long lasting, high quality. We have had our bottles for years and years, so when SIGG asked if I would like to try out their new Active Top bottle design for kids, I couldn’t say no. SIGG sent Little Brim the Dino Glow, glow-in-the-dark Active Top bottle and the Smiling Bee Flip top bottle.


Photo: Enjoyed water from his Smiling Bee bottle with a meal of bibimbap, using the Active Top bottle at home, and us cutting him off on New Year’s Eve when leaving the restaurant. He loves to chew on the top of the straw and, remarkably enough, it shows no teeth marks or signs of strain (though I’m sure they don’t recommend it!).

He started using both bottles at 10 months old, but had a little trouble with the straw on the Active Top as he is not their target market (it is not a bottle aimed for infant use), but by 12 months he was completely able to hold and drink from the bottle easily. The straw is not a flexible top compared to a sippy cup. Now, at almost 14 months, he has no problem drinking from either bottle. These bottles have been perfect for the diaper bag and for use on-the-go due to the fact that they are spill-proof, durable (have held up after being thrown from a highchair), and do not have handles that catch on the interior pockets of our bag while trying to quickly organize and gather items when arriving and leaving our destinations. We’re impressed, but we expect nothing less from SIGG. (Confession: When Little Brim was too young to figure out the Active Top, this was the bottle that was on my nightstand at night, because it was fun to have a glowing dinosaur watching me sleep.) I may have to order the adult size for myself; I think they should make more glow-in-the-dark designs!


Speaking of design – check a few of the whimsical and attractive patterns offered on the flip top bottles. These bottles have a harder spout with a twist-top style open and close, and they are not a straw top like the Active Top.


Bottom line?

We love these bottles and highly recommend them. The only downside there is to them is the price–the cost is higher compared to other toddler and children’s bottles. The difference is that these will last for a LONG, long time, and they are extremely durable. Wouldn’t you rather invest in one or two quality items instead of many short-term solutions? Head on over to the SIGG website and pick out your favorite Active Top and Kids’ designs. Which ones are you loving? The Performance Purple Active Top might perk up my day at the office; I have my eye set on that one!


*** While SIGG generously provided Little Brim Baby product for review, we were not monetarily compensated and all opinions are our own. We love the SIGG brand and wanted to share this information with you. ***

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