Citrus Lane Box Review and Promo Code!

It’s Citrus Lane — a review and promo code!

I know many of you have been waiting for this month’s box to arrive and I am excited to announce that we have a peek in to a previous box, so we will not spoil any surprises that you are awaiting in January. Citrus Lane was founded by a mother of two in order to help parents discover innovative products by providing boxes of the best items for parent and baby. These boxes are delivered each month as a subscription service.

The subscription box concept is fantastic. What is more fun and enjoyable than receiving a package in the mail each month filled with new surprise products? I love this idea and it makes me excited for Citrus Lane for the sheer fact that they are able to bring happiness to a home so frequently. Each box is customized to your child’s age and development level.

The box arrives with a splash of yellow declaring, “parent picks for happy babies” written on the outside. It makes you smile before it’s even opened.


The surprise box that we were shipped was the Thanksgiving box, filled with food-inspired toys and feeding accessories. Let’s take a peek…


Included was an infant clutching soft toy, a set of bowls, a snack container, a puree pouch, portable puree pouch spoon attachments, and moisturizer. Also included was a price sheet describing each item, along with coupon codes for product discounts–an awesome idea!


It is nice to get an idea of each product cost, and have the option for discounts if purchasing additional items you may have just discovered.

1-30-2013 8-14-40 PM

The minute Little Brim noticed the puree pouch, it had to be enjoyed right then and there. The snack bowls have been divided up in to actual kitchen use and for use as stacking toys. They are the perfect size for his little hands. The banana soft toy would be perfect for beginning curious fingers. The snack container has been used for my own portion control purposes when taking snacks to work this week. The same goes for the moisturizer; it also accompanies me to work daily and it feels like a nice treat for a tired mom like myself.

CItrus Lane subscriptions start as low as $21/month. Check out their monthly rates and see more sample boxes–how cute is their Back to School box!.

Citrus Lane is offering our readers a promo code for 10% off any subscription on their website and it is good until the end of February! Use code: BREAK10.


What do you think? Is this a box of goodies you would like to have delivered to your house monthly? I love the concept. Love it. Sign up soon to grab the promo code offer!


*** While Citrus Lane generously provided Little Brim Baby a surprise box for review, we were not monetarily compensated and all opinions are our own. ***

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