Payday Picks for Infant Travel: November 16, 2012

Payday Picks!

Featuring items under $100, $50, $25, and $15 for big and little budget splurges. Besides the obvious (car seat, travel crib, baby carrier, umbrella stroller, diaper bag), these items would be perfect for traveling with an infant this holiday season.

Under $100: Mophie Juice Pack Air Case. $80. While not considered in the baby gear category, these battery packs for your iPhone virtually doubles the life of your battery letting you travel farther and keeping you connected.

Two Under $50Totseat. $25 + depending on pattern and availability. We love this “washable, squashable” chair for on-the-go. Read our review here.

AOS Ultrasonic Humidifiers. $40. Anyone who has ever lived in the southeast US and has moved or traveled north in the winter knows how painful and drying the air can be on your skin and health. Every time we travel to the Midwest (land of dry air and drier furnaces) in the winter, we end up waking up with sore throats and feeling miserable all week until moisture is back in our system when we return home.

Under $25: The First Years Sound Machine. $25. We use this at home and have brought it with us when we travel in order to create the same sounding sleep environment (remember, we’re desperate and superstitious). Other moms explained what white noise works for them on our sleep review post here.

Under $15: Toys! These are items we have right now that keep Little Brim entertained the longest at 11 months old. Pick a couple of favorite ones for familiarity from your own home and splurge on two new items to break up monotony along the way (if you’re doing a long road trip this can be helpful). Otherwise, no need to bring along your entire bin. At this age typically any item other than what’s deemed for him brings the most excitement.

1) Montessori Infant Wooden Egg Cup Toy. $7.
2) Haba Rosella Clutching Toy. $15.
3) It’s A Small World Furry Friends touch-n-feel book. $8.
4) Stacking Cups. $9. This toy is awesome for versatility. The pieces stack, form a cup individually, clip in to each other to form a ball, spin wildly, and will be great for learning colors and counting.

Happy Travels!

Some affiliate links included.

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