Payday Picks for the Kitchen: November 9, 2012

Payday Picks. Featuring items under $100, $75, $50, $25, and $15 for big and little budget splurges. This week I am featuring a few kitchen picks for upcoming holiday cooking and baking.

Under $100: LeCreuset Mini Cocottes set with Cookbook. $80. Ours have been perfect for individual pumpkin pies, chocolate lava cakes or a family favorite of chorizo, cheese, potato with a fried egg on top.

Under $75: Big Brim’s Pick! Traditional Paella Kit with Pan. $79. Though a few dollars more than our category here, this kit includes a 15″ steel paella pan, saffron, rice, smoked paprika, Piquillo peppers, olive oil, and recipes. Paellas are perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Under $50: OXO Food Mill. $50. We have used ours for many recipes this year, including homemade tomato sauces with our garden’s tomato crop this year, pureeing roasted pumpkin for pie, and smoothing out lumps of steamed carrots and squash for baby food purees.

Under $25: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. $35 but on Amazon now for $20. I have made a countless number of Deb’s recipes with beautiful results. Her photography is incredible, her recipes are pleasing, and her blog is inspiring. Plus, her kitchen is super tiny, which is a little bit motivating for me to strip ours down and only stock the essentials.

Under $15: Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peelers. $4 each solid color, $5 each polka dot, or a set of three solid colors for $10. The solid color peelers are a staple in our kitchen!

Some affiliate links included.

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