ABC Kids Coverage and Gear Highlights

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go along with BuyModernBaby to Louisville, Kentucky for the ABC Kids Expo. This was my first experience at at juvenile products trade show and it was overwhelming in the best of ways, to say the least.

FIRST, the details…then the gear highlights…

Hello, baby gear bonanza.

Since I was only there for two days I didn’t even have time to see half of what was on my list professionally and personally. There were many great booths and exhibits and it was awesome to be surrounded by people as enthusiastic about the industry as myself. It was also awesome to finally meet people in person that I am friends with online. There definitely was not enough time to talk about baby gear, blogs, businesses, booths, or even bourbon (when in Rome Kentucky).

The city of Louisville impressed me with their welcoming touches for conferences attendees. From the minute I took the escalator to baggage claim, to walking down the street to Fourth Street Live, to the welcoming products video on the Expo shuttle, I was charmed by the extra details in which the city and Expo organizers put their efforts.

The Galt House Hotel was gorgeous. If you find yourself in Louisville you should room there.

Also, their third floor atrium bar had an an aquarium bar top–as in the fish were swimming under your drink glasses. While I felt a little sorry for the fish inside, I could have sat there all weekend and watched them. This wins the award in my book for the most unique bar in my book. It *might* be worth a weekend trip back only if you like fish and drinking as much as I do.

I also want to go out of my way to thank the ABC Kids’ coordinators, Boppy, and Medela for sponsoring the Nursing Lounge for moms at the Expo. Without this room, and the tips from the Bringing Home the Bacon and the Milk post, I would not have been pump in private at the expo, and have the confidence to travel with pumped milk while away from my son for three days. Medela had pumps available (so I could have even left mine at the hotel), bottles, storage, everything you could need, and Boppy had pillows available on both the pumping side and the nursing lounge, along with other samples such as adorable onesies, and tank tops. This gave me such a huge peace of mind as a nursing mom.

NOW, the gear highlights…

1. Boon’s New Products

2. Twelve Diaper Bag Highlights

3. Skip Hop’s New Products

4. Three Colorful Booster Seat Picks

5. Infant Straw Cup Picks

More fun items featured at the Expo:

1. Toy Finds (including these cute Wee Gallery nesting dolls that match our crib mobile!)

2. Nuna brings their beautiful Dutch Design to the States

3. New from Monte (I would downsize for this new bed)

4. Coming Soon from DwellStudio

5. MDB Family Showcase

6. New and Notable from Babyhome

7. Latest Diaper Pail Style and Tech

8. New Bath Items and Crib Mobiles from 3 Sprouts

You think that’s a lot? There’s even MORE coverage and highlights–click here for all the details on BuyModernBaby! It’s impressive.

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