Rap Lyrics for Pumping: Pumpers Paradise #raplyricsforpumping

Pumpers Paradise


As I pump in the office in the shadow of breasts, I take a look at my milk and realize there’s nothin’ left.

Cuz I’ve been lettin’ and downin’ so long that even this mama thinks that her mind is gone.

But I ain’t never crossed a babe that didn’t deserve it.

Being treated like a boob you know that’s just heard of.

You better watch where you’re nursin’, and where you’re pumpin’.

Or you and your mamas might be Facebook blocked.

I reall hate to drip but I gotta leak.

I’m the kinda boob the little babies wanna see like on my lap in the night, nursing stares in the streetlight.

Been spending most my life, pumpin’ in this office closet slice.


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