Review and Giveaway! Totseat Travel Highchair

*Contest is closed. Winner is announced at the bottom.*

For babies who lunch.

Totseat–the washable, squashable high chair–has shipped Little Brim Baby a chair in the new Seaside blue print as a giveaway for our readers! Which is great news for you, because this is quickly gaining speed as one of our new favorite items.

Totseat generously sent us a seat to review for our travels and we have recently used it several more times while out and about. We greatly prefer this chair over restaurant highchairs for a few reasons:

*it’s stylish

*it’s sanitary (or as sanitary as you left it)

*It does a better job of holding a younger infant upright

*it does a better job of containing a younger infant

Totseat states that the chair “must be used responsibly and on an appropriate stable chair, on level ground. A child in a Totseat should NEVER be left unattended.” Common sense. It should also be used only for babies who are eight months and older, as they are stronger sitters than in earlier months.

We tested this out right at the eight-month mark with Little Brim on our home dining room chairs and he was supported well enough. Our chairs are tricky in that they are extremely heavy and the cushions are not secure, so we have only used this out for family dinners or at restaurants.

Using the Totseat in a restaurant, at home, and at a family cookout on a patio chair.

He has spent more time content at dinner while dining out while using the Totseat versus sitting in the highchair. We think this is because the Totseat allows him more freedom to move, to play with his feet, and holds his upper body better so he is not able to try and launch himself out of his chair. Anything that helps him sit peacefully with us while in a restaurant is worth the price!


PROS: Convenient, portable, easy to use once figured out, and helps us enjoy dining out longer than in a restaurant high chair.

CONS: I had a hard time figuring out how to use this initially. There is a video on their website which is helpful, but once we adjusted everything it made it much easier for repeat uses.

BOTTOM LINE: Worth it! The cost is steeper, since it is shipped from overseas, but so far it has been a great product for us for the past two months. Our son is still young though, and perhaps older babies would fare better in a restaurant chair, so we will keep you posted as he grows. But for right now, at eight months and on, I definitely recommend it!


Little Brim approves, thumbs up!


Totseat is offering Little Brim Baby readers a washable, squashable high chair of their own in the blue Seaside print!

Entering this giveaway is easy.

Leave a comment here on the blog post letting us know where you would love to try out the Totseat. Favorite restaurant? Family vacation at a beach house? Just one comment please. Contest ends at Friday, 28 September at midnight and the winner will be chosen via U.S. Residents only.

Good luck!

***The Totseat winner has been chosen via and has been contacted. Thank you all for entering and being a Little Brim Baby reader!***


*** While Totseat generously provided Little Brim Baby a washable, squashable high chair for review, we have not been compensated and all opinions are our own. We have had used this chair for many outings, love it, and are excited to have Totseat want to share one with you!  Contest is open to all U.S. residents. Some restrictions may apply. ***

13 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway! Totseat Travel Highchair

  1. I’d take it to my parents’ 2 hours away from where we live! 🙂 (love that idea it’s so easy to carry and take out)

  2. I would love to try this out when we go to my moms. She has a high top table that is unsafe for a baby to sit at! This would be perfect 🙂 we would also take it to restaurants and the mall to use at the food court.

  3. we’d love a totseat for all the reasons you stated in your review. Our little one hates being confined in a high chair, which limits our dining out. Something that allows him more range of motion would be great and may allow us to eat out more frequently as a family!

  4. I would use this Totseat going everywhere! We are always on the go. We would use it at our favorite Greek restaurant, for vacations is a must, the in-law’s house, and especially at my family’s house that is a four hour drive and not much room to pack a booster seat in the car after I pack the rest of the house 😉 Love this idea! Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  5. I was just thinking about these! Little dude is NOT a fan of restaurant highchairs, and we avoid eating out for that reason…we end up eating in shifts just like at home! The first place I’d try it is at a Native American restaurant called Tocabe…I’ve been dying for one of their fry bread bison tacos!

  6. This would be perfect for sitting outside on the patio. Right now we put him in his Baby Bjorn Babysitter but Totseat would be better since he could sit at the table with us.

  7. I’d love to have this when we visit both grandmas instead if having to hold my lo and take turns with my husband to eat.

  8. This will come in handy on our quick trips to restaurants. Those high chairs they have in restaurants look uncomfortable and dirty.

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