REI Gear

I am such a huge fan of REI. The gravitational field of the aisles of backpacks, bags, pouches, and stuff sacks always seems to pull me straight in from the front door.

We took Little Brim to REI for his first time recently and spent an hour there wandering around and scoping out the camping gear we haven’t used in the past year.

Someday, Little Man, you will have a great rucksack for your travels.

Testing out the Kelty Pathfinder 3.0. It was a comfortable fit and Little Brim kept smacking his hands against dad’s back–which signals a positive review. This is on our wish-list for future backpacking trips and day hikes.

I am in love with the modern packing cube designs by Eagle Creek. Impressive, lightweight, and roomy. I have a set of Eagle Creek packing cubes from 2005 that are still in excellent condition. They are the the same shape as the blue/green cube in the photo below. These are perfect for travel, or even just using as a medicine bag at home.


I want to pack all the things, especially in those orange pouches.

The REI Tranquility Shoulder Bag and the Patagonia MiniMass Messanger. The yellow messenger would be perfect as a stroller bag for our Uppababy G-LiTE in a similiar color, don’t you think? A friend of mine used her pink Patagonia messenger as a diaper bag when her baby was a newborn before upgrading to a larger bag when her son became a few months older.

We look forward to camping this fall and upgrading our amazing two-person REI Half Dome 2 tent that we have had for years to something larger to incorporate space for everyone. I have been reading Babes in the Woods to prepare for these woodland and canoeing adventures.

Feel free to pass along any tips for camping with infants–we can’t wait to introduce our son to the outdoors.

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