Babywearing: Boba 3G Baby Carrier

Have you ever loved a product so much that you wanted to sell it out of the trunk of your car? (That feeling is totally normal, right?) No? Well, I have. It’s the Boba 3G baby carrier.

The Boba 3G baby carrier is a soft-structured baby carrier designed for babies and toddlers in the weight range of 7-45 pounds. I will copy this segment from the Benefits tab in the product description:

“Boba offers several innovative features not seen on other carriers:

The foot straps attached to the waist belt keep older children comfortable while enabling a healthy sitting position. The footstraps not only give tired little legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets and aligns the spine.

The new infant conversion option allows you to use the Boba Carrier 3G with babies over 7lbs. The best part is that there is absolutely no insert or accessory needed! Simply follow the instruction booklet included with your Boba Carrier to learn how to use the new Boba Carrier 3G for your newborn.

Boba has a few extra inches of height to keep your center of gravity closer to your body and support your little one’s back. The Boba Carrier 3G is approximately 2-3” higher than other soft structured carriers.

The new 3G design is made to fit parents of all shapes and sizes without purchasing an extension belt or accessory. All straps are fully adjustable, and elastic bands are provided so you can comfortably tuck the straps away once you have the carrier adjusted for you and your child.”

Using our Boba carrier at the Farmers Market and doing chores around the house.

Why do I love the Boba 3G carrier?

It allows me to be physically closer with my son when I babywear, and it has helped promote a stronger bond between us. This is helpful as a working mom since we don’t have all-day every day to spend together.

It allows me to complete chores around the house that wouldn’t have otherwise been completed. This could be due to a fussy mood on his part (or mine, to be fair!) or his desire to be closer when sick or teething.

It allows me to take him in and out of the car easily, carry groceries, run errands, and have my hands free (no stroller!) to push a shopping cart or carry packages to the post office. This is also helpful daily when picking him up from daycare and I have my work bag, my pump bag, and his daycare bag to carry–along with him.

He is at the age now (8 months) where he gets excited about being worn. It’s great to see him looking up at me and smiling in new places.

When he becomes overwhelmed in a crowded store or space, he just rests his head on me, and that’s much easier than if he were in a shopping cart looking back and forth at everything becoming overstimulated.

Supposedly – and there are videos showing how – you can nurse in most baby carriers. However, I have not yet figured out how to do easily accomplish this maneuver.

Taking a neighborhood walk.

These were taken during Father’s Day weekend. Little Brim just started teething and had a hard time napping or relaxing. Wearing him in the Boba was the only thing that made him settle down for some sleep.

Hands-free sweet corn eating a couple of weeks ago at a festival.


If you are currently looking for a baby carrier, I strongly recommend visiting a local baby gear store, or cloth diaper store (Abby’s Lane in the DC area is wonderful) to try out a few carriers in person. Each of them tends to fit differently. Here is a comparison link online with The Portable Baby to see how each of the major brands measure up. I know the Boba is highly recommended by The Baby Guy NYC as well, but again, find a place to try them on in person and see what fits you the best.

Originally I set out to purchase an Ergo, but the shoulder strap hit me at an uncomfortable spot underneath my arm. Two of my friends also set out to try on carriers for different brands and we all ended up loving the Boba fit–and we each have different body types. I can’t recommend it enough.


PROS: I love it. It’s incredibly comfortable, fits me perfectly, is taller than other baby carriers so it will fit taller toddlers better. The infant conversion allows you to snap the waistband folded so no insert is needed. We did not use this carrier from the beginning, so I have not attempted that feature.

CONS: I would love more patterns. Though I haven’t used the back carry often yet, the Ergo buckle fits over the padded waist strap, whereas the Boba does not, so there may be more digging in with the Boba buckle. I’ll have to check back in and let you all know when I start using that carry frequently.

BOTTOM LINE: Buy one! (Of course, try one on first!) You’ll love it.


The Boba 3G is a Little Brim Favorite and can be found on our Amazon store.

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2 thoughts on “Babywearing: Boba 3G Baby Carrier

  1. I was drooling over the Bobas again the other day. We all love our Ergo, but I do still want a SSC I can keep in the car. I keep my Sakura Bloom sling in the diaper bag at all times, but would still like something more. Hmm. I should go try one on with O, but that might be dangerous. I’m obsessed!

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