KangarooCare Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Teething Necklaces

Little Brim has been teething for about two months now, and the chewing that is going on in this household from the four teeth that are pushing their way through is immense. He loves the turquoise Chewbeads necklace I have and I was inspired to find another couple to add to my wardrobe to spice things up (for me) a bit. Now, some people don’t mind being branded as a “mom” by wearing gnawable jewelry–I get it. But I kind of find that I enjoy it since I am an office-working mom and I only have the weekends to spend full days with my son. So bring on the mom jeans, the short mom hairdo, and chewable jewelry.

Through my intensive teething necklace research online (okay, by accident) I found the KangarooCare Etsy shop a few weeks ago on Instagram and had to try one of these pieces myself. Varja does beautiful work, hand-making each necklace from only natural materials. There is a nice interview with here here on The Leaky Boob if you would like more information on her and her work.

(Photo credit: KangarooCare Etsy page)

My necklace arrived much faster than her website estimated, being that she ships from her home in Estonia.

It arrives un-tied, so you can knot at any length you choose.

This is basically where this necklace stays when I’m holding him — right in his mouth. It also gives his hands something to fidget with, besides my nose or bra strap, while nursing.

PROS: Cute, stylish, handmade, and works great for its purpose!

CONS: The only con I could see is that the material starts to chafe my neck if Little Brim is yanking on it enthusiastically. Compared to the silicone Chewbeads, it does hurt a little more. But I just stop him from pulling on it and it’s fine.

BOTTOM LINE: Worth it! I’ve had several compliments on it already and my son loves it, so there you go!

Order your own KangarooCare Breastfeeding and Babywearing Necklace here.


3 thoughts on “KangarooCare Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Teething Necklaces

    1. Hope these help a little bit, my son loves his. Hyland’s tablets, and a cold, wet washcloth work as well. Infant Advil if they’re over six months (and doctors approval) also helps with night pain.

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