Vacation = Exhaustion

I give up, vacation wins!

We are on vacation this week with Little Brim and all of the new sights, sounds, people, teething, and sleeping arrangements are winning over his sleep. And mine. As a full-time, working (outside the home) mom, I have to give you all stay-at-home-moms big credit for doing multiple days with fussy babies. This is the longest stretch that I have been a “full-time” mom since Little Brim was eight weeks old. It’s so incredibly awesome to spend this much time with him each day, yet doing that and teething four teeth at the same time (maybe five?), skipping all naps, nursing full time, and visiting friends and family around town has totally whooped me out today. Fingers crossed for a long sleep stretch tonight.

Until I post more about swaddles and mobiles, here are some photos from this week so far.

Attempting to drive straight through the night.


The Cheap Trick “Rick’s Picks” exhibit at the Burpee Museum in Rockford, Illinois

Little Brim is amazed at Cheap Trick rock paraphernalia in his rock me! romper. I’ll post a review this weekend on this romper as it is absolutely fantastic and so easy and comfortable for both baby and mom.

The Zipper at an Illinois Sweet Corn Festival.

Elemental All Good Lips lip balm found at the Duluth Trading Company. It’s so nice.

He’s clapping because he slept from 10pm-6:30am in a single stretch! I’m clapping too.

This ended my day today. Sometimes you really earn a beer by the pool. It’s especially nice if it’s a New Glarus beer. Now I’m off to try and find a good stretch of sleep.

6 thoughts on “Vacation = Exhaustion

  1. We just got back from a road trip ourselves. Our babe is 11 months and it was painful. 12 hours on Google maps split into two days (8 (but really 11) the first, 4 (6) the second). Best advice I can give is to take at least one long break from the car a day. Stop at a park and have lunch and let your babe crawl/roll/lay still around. Just let them have an hour out of the car seat.
    Of course I am giving advice ASSuming you need it.

  2. We just got back from a not so relaxed vacation with our 5 month old. What little schedule we had went out the window. Everytime someone else was “helping” by letting me relax was really making things worse. When I handed baby over to get a nap family thought I needed extra sleep and had let me sleep through a feeding giving baby a bottle. You said it perfectly “vacation = exhaustion”

    1. I know! Sleeping through feedings if you’re nursing is especially difficult. It’s hard for people to realize that, or want to wake you if you’re getting much needed sleep. Too bad our boobs don’t need sleep. 🙂

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