Boon Gnaw

The Boon Gnaw has intrigued me since I first became pregnant and started looking online at the billion teethers out there in the world. I am a huge fan of Boon and love their Grass drying rack that we have, and I appreciate the sleek design of their feeding product line. The Gnaw just stuck out to me–it looked futuristic and the color combinations struck my fancy.

The Boon description reads

Ancient Chinese secret huh? Forget that mad dash to save their teether from the germ-covered pavement. Gnaw keeps the gnarly stuff out of your kid’s mouth by keeping snacks and teethers within their grasp. How does Gnaw do that? We use the same technology as those Chinese finger traps you used to play with.

So it was with great joy that I ordered TWO of the Boon Gnaw teethers the other week; one to test out and one for a Little Brim Favorites giveaway, because I was sure this would be a favorite, what, with the cool color combo and all.

Well, I am sorry to say that I have now nicknamed this teething device the Boon Gno. I can’t figure out how this thing is supposed to be useful in a way that sets it apart from anything else. We can’t even figure out what to put in the small trap teething mesh. The only thing we have deemed it useful for is for holding on to Sophie‘s leg. That’s it. Our teething biscuits slide right out, as do ice cubes and other random food objects that I read on other Boon Gnaw reviews online. Little Brim is able to just yank the clip off of whatever it’s attached to, rendering it useless to function as intended. He was able to just chew on the mesh trap itself, but all that ended up doing was flinging drool all over when he let go of the tether.

Maybe a Sophie Keeper?

The Boon Gno. Poor Little Brim.

I hate to speak poorly about a product, but I must admit that I was/am a bit disappointed in this teether merely for the fact that I had looked forward to trying it out for such a long time. (My life is exciting, yes.) Has anyone used this with success? Are we doing this wrong? Is this teething device smarter than a new mom? Perhaps.

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