Sleep Week: Infant Sleep Gear

Next week Little Brim Baby will be featuring posts on infant sleep gear, from swaddles to soothers. Moms from all over the United States (ok, maybe just a few states) rallied to write out what has worked best for them, what brands they love, and what gear they recommend, along with other sleep-related tips. Hopefully this can help create the perfect environment to allow sleep to happen.  If it will happen (in our case–Little Brim loves to wake up all night long ready to party). I assume he will sleep someday, so until then I’m trying to embrace the night nursings and sleepy soothing. If you have any sleep gear you would love opinions on, leave a comment below!

One thought on “Sleep Week: Infant Sleep Gear

  1. My husband & I are convinced that the Miracle Blanket has improved our baby’s (hence our) sleep. Our baby is Houdini Jr. and gets restless after he escapes a normal swaddled blanket but the MB keeps him swaddled & calm for super long stretches.

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