Baby Bib Reviews: Skip Hop, Embelle, Tommee Tippee, IKEA

If you like it then you should’a put’a bib on it. Don’t be mad when you see there’s food on it…

We have been feeding Little Brim solid foods for about a month now, and during this time we definitely tested our bib collection. The bibs we have been/are using are below and they have fought the good fight against carrot bits. Carrot bits accumulate in all cracks and crevices in fabrics and are a huge pain to wash out. You will have to read on for our favorite as I don’t want to ruin the surprise here. When we were pregnant we registered for and bought cloth bibs that go over the head by stretching, not a snap or velcro around the neck.

This was a bad idea for two reasons

a) Little Brim’s head is huge and the bibs didn’t fit by the time he was six months old.

b) Who on Earth wants to pull that back over a baby’s face after there is food clumped all over it?

Dumb, dumb, dumb. We didn’t use these and they are now in a donate pile. Someone else can drag food back over their baby’s face to signify the end of mealtime.

So–that brings us to our current collection of bibs. I started buying bibs before we even needed them and almost lost my darn mind picking up cute ones–but I stopped myself. After all, we’re not feeding triplets, we’re feeding one baby. There is no reason for even this number of bibs considering we wash them off after each meal.

The bibs:

The little Embelle cowboy sheriff bib is our personal favorite for looks. It wins the style award. It’s adorable, funny, and we want him to dream big. If Little Brim wants to grow up to be a cowboy, he has our permission. As for the tuxedo bib, that is just white-trash funny. If he wants to grow up and be the type of guy to wear a tuxedo t-shirt or piano-key necktie though, he does not have our permission, but clearly it will be our fault from this move. Oh, and if you are going to eat dinner in a tuxedo bib, you had better be naked. These bibs are 100% nylon-coated polyurethane which means nothing to me, but I know you read this site for big words and I don’t want to disappoint! They have a pocket in the front for “catching” food droppings. These bibs feel like a plastic picnic tablecloth.

Next up at the Skip Hop Zoo tuck-away Bibs. These are super cute, fun, trendy, popular, and portable–folding up in to their own little pouch. I like the pouch. You’ll just have to imagine how cute Little Brim is in these bibs as I doubt people want a ton of photos of my baby in a bib. These bibs are 100% polyester, which means to me that it feels like camping tent material.

We were given an IKEA bib by a family member and according to their website this bib is, “Easy to put on and take off thanks to the touch and close fastener.” Which just means to me that it has a velcro fastener. Are you even still reading this? Am I still talking about bibs? This bib is the exclusive Kladd Randig style and is extremely rare found in giant quantities at your local IKEA. This bib is much easier than the pouch bibs to wipe off and I would rate them over those any day. Plus, they’re super inexpensive.

NOW – drumroll please……this is our absolute favorite bib because it is a breeze to clean and dry off immediately after use. The Tommee Tippee explora Roll & Go. Save yourself the time and the tedious research that I have put my child through testing bib durability and just buy these. Buy one Skip Hop one because it’s cute and is super tiny for carrying around, and buy these for your house. The food trough stays open and catches spills more easily than the flexible-material bibs do, and they wipe off and dry off so fast. All of the above bibs had/have carrot bits stuck in them and they are so difficult to completely clean quickly after a meal. Or maybe my cooking is just too sticky.

The BabyBjorn bibs would also be a winner but I bought the Tommee Tippee because I like the colors and I just wanted to really mix things up around here. I live on the edge like that. Plus, our plates, cup, and spoons are BabyBjorn so we don’t need to be all matchy-matchy to our dining set. We received two BabyBjorn cup and spoon sets and LOVE them–they are the only spoons on which Little Brim doesn’t gag himself. He loves to chew on the ends and the wide handle and spoon make feeding himself easier versus the other brands we have (Nuk Soft Bite Infant Spoon 6-pack and the Munchkin Six Soft-Tip Infant Spoon). Those spoons are probably designed if you are feeding your baby not the baby feeding themselves. So, if you’re following along at home now, you are counting correctly when you tally that we have 16 baby spoons. They all reside in my classy, massive 40-oz barrel mug from Wild Bill’s Soda. Ok, now I don’t think you want a blog about baby spoons–but then again, you probably didn’t even want to read this much about bibs!

If you have read this far, I thank you, that’s really impressive. Maybe next week I can post detailed video reviews on these bibs and strength test them with….NO. I’m done talking about food-eating bibs. Now drool bibs, those are for another post!

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