What’s in your Diaper Bag? Kelly Moore Libby Bag

Kelly Moore Clark is a photographer (and mom) living in Louisana who designed her own line “stylish and functional” bags in which to carry personal items along with photography equipment. The result is a beautiful line of bags that are both perfect for photographers and for moms who loves bags with numerous compartments.

I ordered the Libby bag a few months ago because I loved the large size, adjustable compartments, the beautiful lining, and the structure. Although I returned the bag after seeing which of my items could fit inside, I highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for the space. I was looking for a leather bag that could double as a purse, and this bag is a water-resistant, man-made material which is a little too large (even for me!) to double as a handbag. The 2 Sues bag in grey is beautiful and would definitely fit this bill.

Keep reading below to find out what’s in Kelly’s own bag.

Here are a few photos of the Libby bag, brand new, tested out with some diaper bag items.

She’s gorgeous. There are numerous outside pockets which make it easy to grab mom-essentials on the go.

Below: I was able to fit a LOT inside of this bag. The adjustable compartments would make it easy to rearrange, just re-velcro-ing to the desired location. Arranging this bag vertically would allow everything to be accessed quickly. In the lengthwise compartment I could fit a large pouch with personal items and wallet. In the main lens compartments I was able to fit an aden + anais swaddle blanket, a PlanetWise wet/dry bag rolled up with a change of clothes inside, and aden + anais burpy bib, a cloth book, AND, big news, the compartment on the left is completely empty. Dream big. This bag is awesome.

Here is an awesome review of the Kelly Moore Classic vs Libby Bag, and gorgeous photography reviewing this Libby Bag in grey.

You can see what’s in Kelly’s bag at On to Baby’s What’s in your Diaper Bag? feature showing her with the 2 Sues bag.

Find Kelly Moore Bags online HERE–which one is your favorite style?

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