giggle: Auggie Crib Bedding

I just noticed yesterday’s email from giggle and I had to post a photo of the beautiful Auggie bedding pieces. They are so simple and sweet, and the gray and gold would be perfect for decorating either a boy or girl room.

If you have not signed up for giggle‘s emails, you should definitely do so. They are a modern baby store whose goal is finding you quality baby products. Their selection is limited compared to big box stores because they have a list of giggle Criteria they examine before selling an item. A product has to meet at least three of these standards to be included in their store: baby basic, good value, healthy, multi-stage, innovative, easy/simple, portable, space saving/compact, responsible, and tested.

We registered at giggle for our baby shower and have loved everything we received. The store associates were more than helpful and continue to be each time I have returned there shopping. If you are currently pregnant and registering for your baby shower, giggle is a great place to add even just a few fun items for your guests to consider purchasing.  I have a feeling I’ll be back there soon when my son is at the age for a bedding set. This is also the perfect store for finding a unique baby shower gift for friends or family.

You can register at giggle here.

Also check out giggle GLOW (a pregnancy tracker), giggle GAB (parenting advice and tips), and their new arrivals in baby gear.

giggle. (I just wanted to say ‘giggle’ again.)


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