New Mom Advice

Oy vey.

Where do I even begin on this subject? Before I attempt to write a post about my experience in the first few months as a new mom, I want to direct you to these two great posts online that I have heard about in the past week. Wonderful, wonderful advice…

Pregnant Chicken hits this spot on with #7 – You might hate your husband. No one ever tells you about that. My son is now seven months old and we are just starting to feel like our old selves again, and it has everything to do with SLEEP.

Natural Life Mom lists 10 things and I am going to stop and just say that if I could do it all over again I wish I could go back and go with #1 – Take the first 2 weeks and lay in bed with baby. I would have ignored the “feed baby every 2 hours” rule and would have nursed nursed nursed until my milk came in. It would have happened faster and would have alleviated the stress of his infection at birth, his fever, his bad jaundice, and I most likely would not have had to supplement formula due to his suspected dehydration. I’m not against formula, though I am pro-breastfeeding, but I would have loved to have avoided that because four days after his birth I was a complete hormonal wreck, and supplementing made me feel like a total failure. Now see #4…

I look forward to having the time and mental capacity to write down all of my thoughts on being a new mom. It was so much harder for me than I had expected, and I know I am not alone in those feelings (though I thought I was at the time).

If you have a quick tip on being a new mom, feel free to comment. It’d be nice to compile a great list that we can pass along to other pregnant women so they do not go in to parenthood with grand delusions, as I did!

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