Chewbeads are, “mommy chic, baby safe…non-toxic jewelry for moms.” The name for me is kind of a turnoff, much like Dress Barn, but that is in fact exactly how they are used–beads that are chewed. Or gnawed on. Or drooled on. Or pulled on. But, at least in our house, they are always loved on.

It has been somewhat of a joke that since my son was born, my husband and I have blamed all fussiness on potential teething. Then we run out with the chilled and gummy teethers and it is seven months later and we still have zero amounts of teeth. I am starting to think that teething is like labor, you will KNOW when it is happening. Yet the lack of teething has not stopped my son from loving to gum these beads as much as possible.

Chewbeads sells cute necklaces in several different styles and a ton of different colors. I was going to buy this necklace in burgundy but my friend pointed out how I always buy neutral (BORING) colors, so I held this turquoise strand and the burgundy one up to Little Brim and it was decided–he grabbed for the turquoise. Color wins.

Check out their Summer 2012 collection. I want more!

I have the Jane Necklace in Turquoise, purchased at my favorite FAVORITE local baby store, Baby Blossom, in northern Virginia during their anniversary sale. You can find this turquoise necklace here along with the Cornelia bracelet that is my favorite shade of green, Chartreuse, along with pages of other Little Brim’s Mom and Baby Gear Favorites!

What do you think? Do you find these teething necklaces an unnecessary piece that makes moms look too much like chew toys, or do you find them helpful and fun? I see both camps, but since I am a full-time working mom, I don’t mind being totally mom’d out every chance I get! I do feel like a bit of a horse sometimes if I wear them while nursing and he goes bonkers pulling on them like reigns, but I love that they keep his little hands busy and out of my nostrils and from pinching my boobs. Also, my husband throws them on when holding him around the house to keep him occupied. Maybe I’ll get him an army green colored set for the holidays. 🙂


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