Mint Green Swiss Army Knife

For as long as I have had a key chain, I have had a Swiss Army Knife attached. My dad raised me to “always be prepared,” having been in the Boy Scouts and military. He made sure my sister and I both knew how to change a flat tire and change the oil in the car before we were even allowed to take our drivers license exam. Now there is no way I remember how to change my own oil, nor am I ever going to want to relearn (I know my future wants), but I did have to use my tire-changing skills on a rainy Father’s Day on a highway outside of Gary, Indiana–but I digress, and that is definitely a story for another day.

Where were we? Oh yeah, knives. For years I had carried around a large utility Swiss Army Knife before upgrading to a Gerber Obsidian folding knife due to camping/canoeing trips where my many lady skills like cutting chives and brie for campfire snacks came in handy. This knife rocks for those purposes. It’s non-serrated so it’s easy to keep clean and debris-free. Plus, look at those fancy tools on the ends. I keep a knife and Maglite in my purse at all times in case I need to MacGyver myself out of a situation. OMG ALWAYS BE PREPARED WHAT IF I TAKE THEM OUT AND THEN NEED THEM!

Now I realize this isn’t a practical situation, and passing through metal detectors with a giant knife always gets fun looks from people, along with many laughs, I have found a very cute, small, PRACTICAL solution that I have to share with you all.

Presenting, the beautiful Mint Green Swiss Army Knife!

She retails for $24 and also is sold in these additional fun flavors colors.

Now look at her being all fancy in the wild:

You can also find her listed here with other Little Brim Mom and Baby Gear Favorites!

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