Infantino Stretch Umbrella Stroller Storage

New stroller product alert!

The Infantino Stretch is an insulated neoprene umbrella stroller storage attachment. It stretches over the handles, folds with the stroller, and has several slots for your personal items. When Stroller Traffic featured this product the other week I just had to order it right away–I love our umbrella stroller for quick trips but definitely dislike the lack of places to put my frequently used items. It’s handy to have an easy access place to set my phone, sunglasses, and water bottle so I don’t have to dig through my diaper bag every time I need them. We have the UPPAbaby G-LiTE umbrella stroller, and it folds with a metal clip that you flip up to collapse the frame. I was concerned that the Stretch would not fit around that piece or would interfere with it, but it still folded without a problem. The stroller carrying strap was still easily usable.

The only issue I see with this is that the pockets were tilted at an angle. On the Infantino website, and on the packaging, it displays the Stretch with a gray loop in the middle that appears to hold the pockets down vertical rather than let it flop at the angle. Perhaps this angle is due to shipping and it will loosen with use. I’m going to contact Infantino to verify since there is not a loop on my product.  I will update here with more details. In the meantime, check it out:

What do you think? Is this something you would find useful?


3 thoughts on “Infantino Stretch Umbrella Stroller Storage

  1. This is actually not bad. It’s great for quick access to our daily belongings like smartphones, keys and water bottles. It’s pretty useful but I would get it depending on its price. How much is this again?

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