Bella Tunno Little Linkers

You may already know I’m a fan of Bella Tunno, here’s the post I did on their Slouch Sack, but this product is a Little Brim FAVORITE. Can I call this “Mom Gear” too?

We have entered the throwing phase of infancy and it has turned me in to a ducking and crouching mess at times to retrieve tossed items under restaurant tables, in aisles of grocery stores, and, most recently, in to a sprint to race the dog to the object if we’re at home.

While I have no advice for you at home racing your own dog, Bella Tunno has certainly solved this problem for me outside the home in a very cute way–with Little Linkers. I found these at my local Nordstrom one day and bought one for Little Brim’s carseat. He has taken a keen liking to his Sophie and it is best we keep them together while driving. The Little Linker elastic wraps right around her neck twice (PETA, it’s okay, she’s not alive), and keeps her in the ever-gripping attack of Brim’s drooly jaws. Look how fast that throw could be, but it’s not going anywhere this this tether!

These Linkers are so great that I bought another one recently to keep on the stroller. Soon we’ll be adding sippy cups to these, I’m sure. Here’s Little Brim and his toys at the 4th of July parade this week (no guarantee Little Linkers will help your baby nap while marching bands stroll by).

From the Bella Tunno Little Linkers link:

Our Fabric Little Linker keeps kids’ accessories close and clean. We use fun coordinating fabrics designed to match our other funky accessories. Two different sized loops offer versatility to stretch around just about any child accessory! For ages 0+. CPSIA Compliant

Check out their website as they come in many different patterns, or check out this favorite on Little Brim’s Amazon shop with other Mom and Baby Gear.


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