IKEA Children

I’m speechless! It’s been a long time since we have made the trek to IKEA and I’m so glad that we finally did. Everything in their Children’s Department is so cute! And inexpensive. We bought a huge playmat rug for $15 which is a total steal compared to others I’ve seen online. The photo I took of their bedding section doesn’t do it justice as they had four more walls of prints. I’ll be heading there when we’re in need of older children sheets and comforters. We were there forever, just wasting time on a hot Sunday, and found a bed and platform frame we both love, an entertainment center, bath mats, curtains, kitchen storage containers, map print pillows for the couch, and more. We took all home but the bed. Next time that bed is ours. I was even able to pick out the plushest looking chair in the bedroom showroom displays to nurse my son, making that the most comfortable nursing in public experience we’ve had! The best part of the day though was that Big Brim and I didn’t even argue once while there! It seems that shopping together always brings out the best of our differences, so this was quite an accomplishment. Sad, yes, I know, but I’ll claim that victory for us.






One thought on “IKEA Children

  1. victory! yay! i want to bite his toes 🙂 luckily that I’m not a stranger or that would be a strange comment! ha

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