Bella Tunno Super Star Slouch Sack

* The Bella Tunno Super Star Slouch Sack found at Nordstrom *

So cute! I love the inside color green, outside zippered pockets, the under $100 price point, and attached stroller clips. The shoulder strap is durable, adjusts to different lengths via a buckle, and the changing pad print matches the bag. There are many inside pockets and if I didn’t already have a billion other diaper bags (well, only two), I would purchase this one as well because I love it.

The large shoulder strap hangs at the perfect length adjusted by the buckle. A buckle is more secure than a sliding piece due to the fact that it will not accidentally slide larger or smaller–it will stay put exactly where adjusted! There are two perfect pockets on the outside for essentials. They easily zip open with one hand. I cannot begin to tell you how awesome outside pockets are on a diaper bag!


The inside lining is a beautiful kelly green with a cute, tiny print. There is a large zip pocket for personal items along with a velcro-tab secured open long pocket. The green lining is light enough to where you will not lose items in a dark abyss at the bottom of your bag! This color is definitely a splash of fun.


See the tiny Bella Tunno print? Adorable!


The back of the bag zips open wide for more easy access, also with the fun green lining.


The Bella Tunno Super Star Slouch Sack – A Parent Planned Swanky Sack.


See that price point?! This bag retails at Nordstrom for $90.00 and can be found on the Bella Tunno website for the same.


I wish I could get my hands on this bag in person to see how it could be packed! I have seen a Bella Tunno bag in gray that is also beautiful but am unable to find it online right now. I’ll keep looking for you!

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